Why is it even important to care about the environment anyway?

All the communities of living organisms their habitat and interaction (ecosystem) in which we live provides natural service for humans and all other species that are essential to our health ,quality of life and survival .for example our trees and forests at large remove carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the air we breathe and also cool our air temperatures thus reducing the formation of ground-level ozone ,a pollutant that can cause heart and lung problems to worsen ,our wetlands such as oceans ,rivers,swamps,lakes,dams,ponds store water that have is of important to our survival ,we drink water ,we irrigate our farms with water,we travel on water ,boat surfing takes place on water and many other uses that are not mentioned.

So it’s beyond doubt that we get a lot of help from the natural resources and our surrounding (environment) ;that’s why its important for me and you as the inhabitants of this technology-diagnosed world to be aware of the environmental issues and start living a sustainable life .sustainable life is one where we meet our day to day activities like shopping, traveling, cooking, bathing, farming, fishing, driving and many more in a manner that we don’t deprive the future generation the benefits of the same ,basically it means (not destroying the natural resources as we get help from them).

When this is achieved,we become a sustainable community, and by the way ,who doesn’t want his/kid a good life ? . no one

On an individual level ,start leaving a sustainable life ,,plant more trees ,avoid dumping waste anyhow ,avoid untreated effluents into our water bodies ,switch to clean sources of energy, cycle to work instead of driving, avoid clearing of forests ,avoid use of artificial fertilizers and many more .

My message to entire world is that ” each person to take active interest in protecting the natural resources and natural service in the environment in which they live and in fostering the health of that environment “

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Here we post current environmental issues, challenges and threats to our sorounding and possible ways to curb environmental degradation

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